Melanie is a contemporary realist, specializing in painting wildlife, and nature.

In 2022 Melanie moved to the stunning Lincolnshire countryside with her two dogs. Where she enjoys long walks and draws inspiration for her paintings.
Her work juxtaposes light against shadow; she seeks to give her work depth and detail. She aims to capture the emotion in her subjects. Melanie opens up a dialogue with nature, responding to what she finds beautiful while endeavouring to communicate this through the medium of oil paint choosing to paint on wooden panels or Belgian linen, working in layers, and painting with fine detailed brushwork.

Melanie was born in London but moved to Nottingham as a child. Melanie received formal education in Graphic Design in Nottingham, UK. She studied at New College Nottingham graduating with a BA in Design from NTU. After which she started her career in Digital illustration and Graphic design.  “I try to better myself as an artist each day by capturing the details and colours found in nature that have always fascinated me.

“The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real.”

― Lucian Freud